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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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after he responded to a call about drug activity tonight he's in critical but stable condition and police have arrested several people. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. our crews were on the scene within minutes of that shooting. we have been gathering details ever since. let's take live look from the folcroft fire department. we are awaiting a news conference. we want to bring that to you live when it happens on this shooting today. but continuing now we have live team coverage tonight. karen hepp is at. (presbyterian where officer christopher dorman is being treated we begin with bruce gordon who's into folcroft with the very latest on this investigation. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, chris, this all began with what we might think of a routine police call a group of guys smoking dope out behind an apartment building in town, but ask any cop and they'll tell you there's no such thing as a routine call. police say the shooting occurred around mid morning on the 1500 block of elmwood avenue a block
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neighbors tell us has seen increasing drug activity. >> about 10:00 o'clock this morning our officers were dispatched for some subjects smoking people thought they were smoking narcotics in the rear of a 1528 address on elmwood avenue. this is an apartment complex. >> reporter: witness tells fox 29, the first officer on the scene identified as 25-year-old christopher dorman former folcroft firefighter, a police officer for just the past year or so, confronted a man she said was smoking weed. >> if he was smoking weed the cop know how to deal with it. you know what i'm saying? all of a sudden it went from him saying something to him to pow pow pow pow pow. guns being shot. and my brother and myself we was like oh, my god, he shot the cop. >> reporter: dorman was race to do mercy fitzgerald hospital then on to penn press we attorney with gunshot wounds to his face, allegation and.
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he was conscious and his vest may have been saved his life. plenty of neighbors heard the incident play out. >> i heard what sounded like four gunshots pow pow pow pow. i thought it was a roofer's nail gun or something. but then of course i heard the sirens. so. >> reporter: sirens drew a massive police presence from all over delaware county. including heavily armed and armored swat team members. the accused shooter did not get far in the early afternoon the swat team moved in entering an apartment house on the same block and making the arrest. the accused gunman was taken away in this sharon hill police car. residents applauded that arrest but say the neighborhood has become something avenue war zo zone. >> bad block. just drug activity. all over. even right here across the street from the police station. not safe at all. >> reporter: we expect the name of the accused shooter to be revealed at that news conference we believe that will begin any minute the officials are beginning to show up here right now, and again, as we have
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reported several other people were apparently taken into custody with that accused shooter this morning. not clear what if any charges they may face or what their connection to all of this was. chris? >> okay, bruce. thanks. it was likely a bullet proof vest that saved the life of officer dorman but tonight he's recovering. >> he's right now in critical but stable condition at penn presbyterian hospital. fox 29's karen hepp is live outside the hospital in university city. karen? >> reporter: that's exactly right. so he is in that critical but stable condition right now. bruce just talked about it when he was first shot he was coming out to that call. he was the first one there. he was shot. there was a detective who came next. that detective saw what happened, scooped him up, put him in his cruiser to take him over to the first hospital fitzgerald mercy and during that time, this is what a amazing the wounded officer was able to talk and gave a description of the suspect which helped to catch him. here's what happened when he was choppered this location. penn star raced officer christopher dorman from fitzgerald mercy hospital to the
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trauma center here at. (penn presbyterian as he was wheeled in on this journey a team of doctors waited to rush him in to surgery. the 25-year-old had been shot numerous times. >> i was told by the doctors that thank god he had his vest on. so apparently there may have been several shots into his vest, i don't know front, back or both. i'm not sure. but he sustained multiple injuries where the vest doesn't cover. >> reporter: dorman committed his live to serving his delaware county community. in his short time that he's been on the folcroft force, he's made a big impression. his chief says, he's outstandi outstanding. >> he's a folcroft resident. been folcroft volunteer fireman and became a police a year ago. he's done nothing but serve this community. >> officers from upper dash beak media, sharon hill came to the hospital to check on dorman and offer their hugs and support to fellow officers from folcroft. dorman's family anxiously waited
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through the surgeries. >> his mother and father are here. they're obviously upset but feel relieved now that he's stable. at least stable according to the doctors. >> reporter: and there have been so many visitors here at the hospital today. this has become the hospital of choice when you have this kind of level one trauma where you need to have people taken. they rush them over here they have a very good rate, 97% of people that manage to do well. the philadelphia police commissioner ross is paying his support and he made a visit here as well today. that's the very latest from penn presbyterian at university city, back inside to you guys. >> okay. karen thanks. as we eight waiter more word from the folcroft police department many state leaders taking to twitter today to express their thoughts or officer dorman. governor wolf our thoughts are with the officer shot in the line of duty in folcroft, delaware county. please keep his family in your prayers. congressman bob brady sent this out please keep the police
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officer shot in folcroft in your thoughts and prayers. we have been giving updates on the story all day on and we will continue our coverage throughout the night including upcoming press conference. also find links on all of our social media pages right our home page. >> deadly weather to our south tonight. death toll from flooding in west virginia now stands at 14. a deluge the 9-inches of rain in parts of the state destroyed or damaged more than 100 homes and knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses. the governor says search and rescue missions are still a top priority right now. let's check in with meteorologist scott williams. this was part of a system that was supposed to be headed toward us, scott. >> absolutely, lucy and it proved deadly to our south and west. west virginia parts of virginia saw nine, even 10-inches of rain out of that system as we zoom in you can see ultimate doppler estimating around lewis burg area 9-inches or more of rain.
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parts of south jersey cumberland county two to 4-inches of rain. there was a flash flood warning for cumberland county earlier now we have some flood advisories down the shore for cape may county. aerial flood advisers for ponding on the roadways until 6:30. we'll zoom in closer. most of the showers and thunderstorms weakening and also pushing out to sea. so that's good news for some of you beach goers down the shore. otherwise, a spotty isolated thunderstorm be ruled out with that stalled boundary to our south. so spotty storms across the area. mainly south. 81 degrees at 7:00. 78 degrees by 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock we're look at warm conditions, temperatures in the low 70s. so a few spotty storms if you're stepping outdoors. but most of the area staying dry for your friday evening. coming up we'll talk about that entire weekend forecast down the shore along with the pocono mountains. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. skyfox over an empty lot no in tioga firefighters made a tragic find this morning.
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they put a small fire just before 11:00 discovered charred human remains. that lot is on the 1700 block of west allegheny. police say investigators have yet to identify who the remains belong to. no suspects as of yet. to villanova university hazmat scare forced dozens of students out of the nursing school. skyfox over radnor township right here. this is this morning when the university called emergency crews at about 9:00 a.m. after faculty and students inside chris cole hall reported feeling nauseous and dizzy. firefighters checked the air quality and found no issues, however they have left monitoring equipment to continue to check what's going on. at this time authorities aren't saying what may have have happened. a final farewell today to the youngest victim of the orlando nightclub massacre. friends and family of akyra murray gathered at monumental baptist church in west philadelphia. they remembered and hospital in order the 18-year-old. murray died on june 12th after she was shot in the arm at pulse nightclub. she was a star basketball player at west catholic prep high school and received a full
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scholarship to play in college. mayor jim kenney and shooting survivor patience carter among those in attendance. and another major international story still developing to night. brexit and the impact on the world. ♪ u.s. stocks plunged in response to the news that the united kingdom voted to leave the european union. dow closing down more than 611 points at 17,399. it is the worst market day since august 2015 and the eighth largest point loss ever. the nasdaq falling 202 points. tough day on wall street and historic one for the citizens of united kingdom. >> majority of british voters chose to get out of the eu the impact is global and it is large. fox's benjamin hall takes look. >> reporter: britain's get independence day of their own. voters here deciding to leave
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the european union making the united king dollar the first major country to ever leave the block. i hope this is the first step towards a europe of sov haven't nation states. >> reporter: bright tissue minister david cameron a supporter of staying in the eu. he announce announced his resign following the vote. >> we want to get to breaking news in delaware county. authorities updating us from the folcroft fire department on the police officer shot this morning. let's listen in. >> -- with him today and certainly his family who is suffering greatly they're at the hospital right now. i want to go over first the facts of this particular incident that occurred this morning approximately 10:00 o'clock this morning. dell com received a call of an individual, black male about 6-foot wearing dark clothing hyped 1528 elmwood avenue in
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folcroft. he was alleged to be violating act 64 which is the drug act and it appeared from the person that called in that he was actually selling illegal drugs behind that apartment complex at 1528 elmwood avenue. officer christopher dorman received that call and responded to that location. officer dorman arrived, exited his police vehicle encountered the defendant, a scuffle ensued and the defendant callusly drew his weapon and fired at officer dorman striking him seven times once in the face, four times in the chest, once in the groin and once in the leg. at this point, a second folcroft officer was dispatched, was en
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route. was on the street behind the apartment building actually was able to see the struggle, exited his vehicle and the defendant at this point in time turned the gun and started to shoot at the second officer in a second attempt to kill another folcroft officer. he received a call over the radio he could hear officer dorman indicating that he was shot. officer dorman was able to go through the apartment through the alley between the two buildings and ended up on elmwood avenue where a third folcroft officer was able to attempt to render aid and place the injured officer dorman in his vehicle, rush him to fitzgerald mercy hospital where upon he was treated and prepped to be transported by helicopter to a philadelphia hospital is
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where he's currently at today. we were able to locate the fact that he was the defendant was in the immediate area. we were able to receive help from atf as well as numerous departments here in delaware county that came to aid as well as multiple swat teams along with the fbi. we had the two apartment buildings surrounde surrounded n delaware county was activated. swat had the building surrounded for a number of hours and finally was able to take control of the building, entered the apartment where the suspect was and took him into custody without incident. the suspect has been identified as dante brooks island also known as abdul wahi.
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he's been right now he's in custody at the folcroft borough police station. we're in the process of continuing this investigation. we're in the process of charging the defendant, the defendant will be charged with attempted murder certainly two counts, he'll be charged with aggravated assault two counts. he'll be charged with related offenses. we also learned that the defendant is a career criminal, is a drug dealer. he also has been convicted of firearms violations, various firearms violations, has been serving a sentence, a long sentence of approximately 15 years in federal penetentiary and was only relatively recently released.
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again, we want to ask you to keep this officer in your prayers as well as his family. i would ask at this point in time officer -- chief, from folcroft borough if he wants to add or say anything additional. >> good afternoon everyone. thanks for your patience in waiting for us. just got word before woe came down that he's still in surgery. they expected to surgery to last about another hour. they're working on his face now. everything else that they were operating on appears to be a success. so right now they're working on the facial damage that he has. ate i'll take any questions if anybody has any. >> can you tell us how he was shot in the face. >> it was apparently through the cheeks. >> through the cheek? >> yes. >> he's in surgery right now. the man who did the shooting his name is island.
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i-s-l-a-n-d. >> yes. >> he shoots officer dorman seven times and attempts to shoot a second officer? >> it's unbelievable that he's alive and from what i'm gathe gathering through his family that are at the hospital his parents talk to the doctor. the doctor said that anyone of those rounds on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot both front and back of the vest with three wounds to his body one in the face, one in his groin and one in his leg. so we just thank god he had his vest on. >> what was the number? >> seven rounds, seven times. >> i'm not sure of that fact the officer who was shot. but the second officer who arrived on the scene exchanged gunfire with the defendant. >> was the weapon recovered? >> i believe it was. yes. >> what was it? >> i'm not sure of the caliber. i believe it was a 40 caliber. >> correct.
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you're talking about the defendant's weapon, correct? >> yes. >> we believe we have the weapon that was used for attempted murder. >> where was is the suspect now. >> our headquarters. >> folcroft headquarters. >> yes. >> are you identifying the second officer? >> david dipetro. >> can you spell the suspect's name? >> island is his last name. no way i can dot second one. >> wahi-w-a-h-i i believe. >> wahi. (question from reporter). >> i believe there was not federal warrant. there was a warrant out i believe. >> address was elmwood avenue. >> i would have to look it up. i believe he is in his 30s. >> 30s. >> were two women also take taken into custody. >> no, not yet. >> just the alleged gunman.
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>> yes. there's other people involved. but one person is under arrest. >> but there were -- i mean, organize of according to the video there were at least three women who were handcuffs at the time he was put in the police car --ing. >> we have detained a number of individuals and right now the investigation is on going. we have not charged those three individuals at this point as we speak here right now. however, it's still an on-going investigation. they were taken out. they were detained. they still are in detention being questioned, and they were with the defendant at the time of his his arrest. >> was he removed from his apartment or was he removed from someone else's apartment? >> another apartment. >> but in the same building -- adjacent building. >> chief, what can you tell us about officer dorman? he grew up in folcroft. tell me his life here. he work for the fire department. >> he was a volunteer for this fire department we're sitting in
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now. i think since he was 16. he's 25. his dream was to be a folcroft officer. we're lucky enough to higher him about year and a half ago. i'll don't say that lightly this is a good officer. he's a part-time officer but small communities we hire a loft part timers because they leave for other jobs full-time jobs and i don't want him to leave and he was in the process of leaving to get a full-time job with septa, septa's police department from what i understand he was pretty close to getting that. going through their process of background checks want not. he's the kind of guy that i was telling district attorney jack here that you don't want to lose him because that's how good he is. i mean he's just a good guy. nothing bothers him. great sense of humor. something like this has to happen. so just hoping for a full recovery and we get him back or septa gets him. he comes from great family. i do personally know his mother and father, and i actually
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worked with him. his father is a former councilman right here in folcroft borough. moved to delaware just a great family. it's a shame that both the officer and his family have to go through this. (question from reporter). >> we had reports of different types of drugs. we know that there was allegations of heroin. there's also allegations of marijuana. >> you said there had been amount of activity at that location in the last 24 to 48 hours. is this in any way related to that? >> i don't believe so. we do have an extensive narcotics task force here in delaware county. the the narcotics task force was aware of suspected drug activity in this particular area. however, i'm not aware of the last 24 or 48 hours that being an issue.
5:21 pm
>> is the officer married. >> no, he's single. no children. (question from reporter). >> we defer to the chief but i can tell that you we do have this extensive narcotics task force. over 60 undercover officers that work various neighborhoods in delaware county, and we see unfortunately in this particular region the philadelphia region a lot of drug activity in certain areas. we investigated, we take anonymous tips. there are certain neighborhoods in many of the communities unfortunately along this particular mcdade and chester pike corridor that has issues. so i don't think it's particularly more than some of the other neighborhoods but certainly we investigate all tips that we get and all criminal activity. >> chief a follow up. was mr. island on your radar screen? >> we had him before.
5:22 pm
he wasn't currently being watched. to get back to your original question, we're no different than anybody else to be perfectly honest with you. we got the main arteries delmar drive, chester pike, mcdade boulevard, but the drug activity that you see is nationwide any more. i mean you see what this attorney did with the narcan. that's just for -- to bring people back because they won't stop almost killing themselves. so we -- we have the same issues that everybody else. i mean, they might be wearing shorts and jeans here and somewhere else they're wearing a three piece suit but it's all over the place. that i can tell you for a fact. back in 2005, late 2005, early 2006, we had a council that let us try to do something about it, and that was work undercover and the reason i bring that up it's not an easy thing to do in these small departments. we're not a city. we're not a township. so just to be able to have these
5:23 pm
resources to be able to do that they gave them to us and they continue to give them to us. no questions asked. several guys working doing that just that. so you do what you can. but it's just -- it's not us. it's just -- i don't have an answer, you know, between the pills out there and the heroin out there and it's everywhere you look. so we're no better and we're no worse than anybody else to be perfectly honest with you. >> chief how long has it been since a folcroft officer has been shot? >> the last time it was before -- when i came on in the late '70's, there was a sergeant had been shot in the leg. >> it's been that long. >> it was accidental. i believe it may have have been self inflicted. accidental shooting. had officer involved shootings. detective bear was involved in a shooting some 20 years ago about. but to have an officer injured like this, never. i mean -- you know, it's awak
5:24 pm
awake-up call for these small towns, you know, you guys see it all the time. we all read about it all the time. and it's not, you know, you don't want to say it won't happen to you. you just hope it doesn't happen to you because it's happening everywhere and you're not immune to it. over smoking grass. i mean, just hanging outside smoking grass 12:30 -- 10:00 o'clock in the morning. somebody is willing to take your life. >> do you have if anything was said between the suspect and the officer prior to the gunshots. >> no, i don't. >> jack a follow up on a question. do you remember the last time a delaware county police officer was shot? >> it's been, i believe, it's been a long time. however, i know that we've had issues with people firing at officers. i don't recall shot -- one shot, however, just to follow up on
5:25 pm
what chief has indicated, folcroft, i know folcroft inside and out. i personally had the opportunity to work in folcroft and there are really great residents here in folcroft. they care about each other. they look out for each other, and in this particular case, we got a call from a resident indicating that there was an apparent drug deal in the back of 1528 elmwood avenue which led officer dorman to the investigation and that's the type of residents you have looking out for each other, trying to eliminate any type of drug activity in their neighborhood. >> i'll say this you talk about different communities and stuff. our residents, the information we get from our residents is just -- it's mind boggling. they know we're trying to do something about it and they're always giving us -- we're all getting calls from our residents. it's constant. and, you know, it's the old say the ice and ears of the police and it really is the case. we're always getting calls. we're always getting tips.
5:26 pm
and today was a perfect example of somebody bothered to call. so many times you hear nobody calling. but we're lucky that way. >> is there anyone here from the fire department? >> i don't see anybody. somebody is here somewhere but... there's frank. frank. he could probably answer some questions about the firehouse if he needed to. >> the suspect's given name was donte island he went by another name. >> he used both names. >> both. >> what kind of name is this. >> wahi -- what kind of national al will the is that? >> we believe he would be phil 88ed with the muslim religion. >> wahi or wahid with a d. >> no d. >> whai. >> that's what i believe the spelling is. >> dante date.
5:27 pm
>> i've seen it on the reports that ivory viewed. i've seen it spelled both ways. d-o-n-t-e and d-a-n-t-e but i believe traditionally it was spelled d-a-n-t-e. >> island. >> that was his name that's on his legal paper work, his name, his legal name is dante brooks island. >> b-r-o-o-k-e-s. >> i have it as k-s. >> i believe he's in the process of being fingerprinted and photographed. it may be a while before that is available but he is in custody. he has not been processed as we speak. we'll get it to you but we don't have it yet. he wasn't even processed yet. >> what about the arraignment, do you believe that will happen tonight sometime. >> i believe it will happen tonight. >> will he be taken to district justice or video. >> he would be taken to a district justice typically. >> where, we don't know yet.
5:28 pm
>> is there any motive away. trying get away from the offic officer? >> there was a warn for him, not major warrant. maybe he didn't want to be caught again. i don't know. >> did the warrant come up in the conversation? well, i don't think it did. (question from reporter). >> he was answering a call the way the call came out, you know, the officers get those calls all the time. >> sure. >> suspicion activity. so maybe some drug activity. that's basically how the call came out possible drug activity and he went back there to see what was going on behind the building, and that's where these guys were and approach the guy and the guy opened up on him. >> can you say -- question from reporter (. >> chief, how many officers do you have in the department? >> we have 11 full-time officers and part-time officers we have 21 altogether.
5:29 pm
>> i don't even know. anybody know. >> district attorney jack whelan and then chief of police of folcroft chief lou could you ski talking about what happened today which is incredibly dramatic. we're listening to the scope of what happened this young officer 25 years old gets this call about suspicious drug activity. walks up on it, is immediately in a scuffle and then he gets shot seven times. four times in the chest thank goodness, chris, he had that bullet proof vest on. one time in the face still in surgery right now. >> officer christopher dorman now in what we understand critical but stable condition in surgery shot in the face. identified the suspect by delaware county diss trek attorney as dante brooks island describeds a a career criminal just released from federal prison, was out and this morning as the chief said, a call of just smoking dope. of course, we will have the very
5:30 pm
latest on this investigation. we have karen hepp and bruce gordon out at the scene now. we'll have them give us an update on this in just a few minutes. but right now we'll tack a break and bring you back out here with the latest information. we'll be right back. t cc1 t cc1
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. ♪ very big honor for septa bus driver. >> the man went above and beyond the call of duty and stopped a would be thief. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to the impromptu crime stopper. >> i couldn't -- i couldn't look myself in the mirror to see
5:33 pm
somebody that needs help and you're able to help them, you know, not do it. i just couldn't -- i wasn't raced that way. >> reporter: charles arthur berry has been bus driver for septa for 28 years. in that time he's experienced a lot of things but nothing prepared him for what happened monday along his bus route. >> young lady waiting on the bus scene a gentleman come up hyped her and snatch her pock book and not thinking just went after the guy. >> reporter: not only did mr. arthur berry run after the suspect, norman jennings, he caught him, took him down and held him until police arrived. today at septa headquarters, they thanked him for his efforts to protect the public. >> a big risk, definitely courageous. mr. arthur berry exited the very definition of going above and i don't know the call of duty. >> reporter: in time where many are afraid to assist in these types of situations mr. art berry was moved to act. although he says he reactioned without thinking, he also pointed out a possible reason that he couldn't just look the other way. >> if my wife was in that
5:34 pm
predicament i would hope somebody would try to help her whether they succeed or not it's not the point it's whether they tried to help her, and that's all i tried to do. i couldn't look myself in the mirror if i sat there and to the do anything. >> reporter: he toll us today he appreciates being acknowledged but honestly his confirmation that his actions were justified came later that day long before today's recognition. >> on the way home i seen her again. first thing went through my hyped if i didn't do nothing and she got back on my bus, i wouldn't be able to look at her in her face. i just wouldn't be able to do it. i was happy the fact that i was able to face her and ask her was she all right. >> reporter: now septa police made it clear that they genera generally recommend that people focus on being what they call good witnesses and not directly involved themselves in arrests. but in this case, they said mr. art berry is a good example lucy of what we can accomplish when we simply care and look out for each other. >> all right, thank you very much, bill. we'll be back in moment but first a look at your
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sixers got the pick they wanted. we went to the draft last night with number one pick and selected ben simmons. no surprise from lsu.
5:38 pm
>> big ben is now a sixer. time for him to meet the philly media. sean bell here to talk more about the new kid on the block. >> listen, you would think this city just won a championship. you would think we are cleveland the way fans are so happy -- actually i never thought i would say that before. >> cleveland? >> the rock and roll hall of fame. >> come on much it's okay. listen, yesterday i spoke to simmons and you can just tell this guy built for the spotlight, built for the pressure. plus he's a guy that actually wants to be in philadelphia which is huge because last year when jahlil okafor was drafted you could tell on his face he didn't really want to be here. wanting to come to philly isn't always a sure thing simmons wanting to be here, wants to go to work and today he made his introduction. simmons up introduced today alongside the 24th pick in the draft from france his name is tough. you going to give me awhile to say it. so i'll say that to you later and luckily simmons already had philly connections. coach brett brown coached his
5:39 pm
father back when he was 15, 16 years old. so simmons said in the presser that he's already feeling comfortable with the coach and it will be very easy to play for him. simmons is a guy who people think can do anything on the court and today he basically said, listen, there's no reason to think otherwise. >> i'm a tough player -- type of player who can be put anywhere on the court and contribute. for me as point forward, you can put me in the one through five defensively and offense sill. i'm not sure how good i'll be but as long as i'm putting in the work i believe i can be very good player. but, you know, i think it's going take lot of effort. being around lebron and seeing how those guys work, it definitely motivates me a lot. >> joe well embiid was at the press conference. hopefully we can seat those two on the court before we can make a trade. we look to see what we have before all of that happens.
5:40 pm
there was rumors guys would be traded and someone would trade up to get one of those topics one of those point guards from yesterday actually that did not happen so later in sports, brian coangelo will talk about why the sixers never traded up. but they're feeling great. scott, please don't rain on our parade. >> oh, nice. >> nice intro. >> i'll try not to there, sean. of course, we had some flooding across the area early but most of that rain tapering off a couple of spotty showers out there. coming out we'll time out this rain and your all important weekend fo forecast.
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♪ welcome ball bac back. we have that aerial flood advisory ponding likely on the roadways as we move into a part of cape may county. that flood advisory until 6:30. most of the heavy rain moving now out to sea along with a little bit of lightning. now as we move along the i-95 corridor, trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, looking fine. but we head into berks county root now, just north of rea rea, headed up towards the hamburg area looking at some downpours some of this will kind of sag its way toward the reading area over the next hour or so. but overall, most of the coverage is diminishing with those pop-up showers we saw across the area earlier this afternoon. rain cooled down the shore. only 70 atlantic city. 70 in dover. wildwood 70. 80 philadelphia along with trenton and you can see those
5:44 pm
temperatures down the shore right now upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. so definitely cooler. as we move toward the upcoming weekend, last weekend for father's day was pretty nice a lot of sunshine. warm conditions and low humidi humidity. we are going to do it again for this first full weekend of summer. that high pressure will be in control but we'll keep an on shore wind going down the shore. 61 degrees tonight in the suburbs. 65 in the city. once again a spotty t storm possible most of us stay dry friday evening plans. 86 for the high temperature tomorrow. and down the shore, looking go good. although watch out. we have a moderate risk for rip currents. uv index is high water temperatures mid to upper 60s. 76 on saturday. 77 on sunday. beautiful in the pocono mountains upper 70s tomorrow. low 80s as we move toward sund sunday. 86 degrees tomorrow in philadelphia. 89 on sunday. turning more humid into early next week with more pop up storms by tuesday into
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wednesday. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ a popular gay bar in new york city has just become the first official national monument honoring lgbt americans. the stone wall inn tavern in greenwich village where violent uprising we would up after police raided the bar back in 1969. well now a monument will stand in a park right across the street. president obama says it will tell the story of the struggle for lgbt rights. well texas resident lisa, is making international headlines. >> yeah, she woke up from surgery and suddenly had a british accent. imagine that. her neurologist has diagnosed her with something called foreign accent syndrome. at first she said she was scared after she talked realized what happened. she hopes the headlines her story generate ready help scientists find a cure. >> we thought maybe like local newspaper we never thought would it grow to national, international news.
5:49 pm
my thing was getting it out there this is something that happens it's not something that's fake and other people have experienced it just, you know, come out, seek help go to a doctor. >> i don't know how that would happen. >> unbelievable. >> right. foreign act accept syndrome is very rare and doctors don't have proven way to treat it. we are back in a moment. he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price.
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♪ we are continuing to follow breaking news in folcroft, delaware county. a folcroft police officer is shot this morning at an apartment complex on elmwood avenue. 25-year-old police officer christopher dorman part-time officer with the folcroft police department is in surgery at this hour. he was shot seven times. apparently, his ballistics vest saved his life. investigators say he approached
5:53 pm
dante brooks island this morning because he believed he was smoking narcotics. they say island started firing. he was arrested by a swat team member a short time later. of course, we will have continuing coverage of this breaking story coming up at 6:00 o'clock. you've been getting updates on this story all daylong on fox 29 our continuing coverage will continue through the night. find links to our social media pages right there on our home page. sad day around here. tributes continue to pour in including one right here to the man who is in charge of the fight against animal cruelty in pennsylvania. >> today george bengal's family laid him to rest with full military honors. >> gun salute . (. >> vietnam veteran served more than two decades on philadelphia police force and launched yet another career in humane law enforcement becoming the director of the pennsylvania spca's hle division.
5:54 pm
well today his officers carried his flag draped casket out of the church and into the hearse accompanied it along with his brothers and sisters in blue the sunset memorial park in northeast philadelphia. bengal just died last saturday from cancer and he was very clear to the very end he had one last and greatest wish. >> we always knew how strong he was and courageous he was on the job but even in facing his own death, courage -- courageous and generous. he wanted to make sure that his work continued, and we've been dedicated to doing that ever since the news of his illness broke. >> we're losing an icon in philadelphia but we're not losing his vision and we're not losing his message and that message is to get harrisburg to fund the enforcement that's been going on for so long without state support. >> do you think it's actually going to finally happen? >> good george is the only other thing besides heroin and opiate
5:55 pm
that has brought the house and senate and democrats and the governor together. his request litera literal onlyr thing we agree on in harrisburg and i think it will get done. >> governor wolf tells fox 29 george bengal' bengal' live ands moved him he's looking forward to work with lawmakers for bengal's law enforcement to work with lawmakers for bengal's law enforcement division. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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3,000 triathletes picking up their race packets at fairmount
5:59 pm
park. the 12th try rock philadelphia triathlon is getting started right now. it features three days of activities including a multi expo, sprint distance race and culminates witness olympic distance race on sunday morning. ♪ delaware county police officer left in critical condition after getting shot over and over. >> i was told by the doctors that thank god he had his vest on. >> what police know tonight about the suspect now in custody after a manhunt. >> plus, britain's vote to leave the european union sends the stock market plummeting. what it means for your wallet. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we start tonight with breaking news out of delaware county.
6:00 pm
folcroft police officer christopher dorman is in the hospital tonight after a man opens fire shooting the officer seven times. this as officer dorman respon responding to a drug call this morning. good evening everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm lucy noland. we have team coverage of this breaking news. karen hepp at penn presbyterian where officer dorman is right now in surgery. we begin with bruce gordon in folcroft for the latest on the investigation. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, it's the oldest cliche around, so and so is lucky to be alive. but listen to the story of young folcroft police officer you'll quickly figure out this story is all too real. the incident began as a seeming routine call. several men including dante brooks island also known as abdul wahi doing drugs behind an apartment building on the 1500 block of elmwood avenue. >> it appeared from the person that called in that he was actually sel


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